Ég safna öllum bókum sem ég nć í um myndavélar og ljósmyndun/ I collect every book I can get my hands on about cameras and photography

Sérstakar ţakkir fćr/Special thanks to

Rob Laffer /RL

Fyrir ađ útvega mér vandfundnar bćkur um efniđ/For helping me getting rare books on the subject

McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 2001-2002

Mc Keowns Cameras 2001-2002  Price guide

McBroom's Camera Bluebook: A Complete, Up-To-Date Price & Buyers Guide for New and Used Cameras, Lenses & Accessories (Serial)

Mc Brooms Camera Bluebook

Leica Camera Repair Handbook: Repairing & Resotring Collectible Leica Cameras, Lenses & Accessories

Leica camera Repair Handbook Thomas Tomosy


Collecting and Using Classic Slrs

Collecting and Using Classic Slrs

Ivor Matanle

Collecting and Using Classic Cameras


Collecting and Using Classic Cameras

Ivor Matanle

Selecting and Using Classic Cameras

Selecting and Using Classic Cameras

Michael Levy

Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation

Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation ( RL)

Dino Brugioni, formerly one of the CIA's senior photo interpreters, presents hundreds of photographs that were contrived or altered, often succeeding greatly in their fakery by playing a part in history. Brugioni explains clearly, for the non-photographer, how these deceptions were accomplished and how to spot them. He also explores the benefits and dangers of doctored photos and the many problems raised for the legal profession. Profusely illustrated with examples never before seen by the general public, Photo Fakery is for anyone who wants to be a savvy media observer

Armed With Cameras

Armed With Cameras ( RL)

Peter Maslowski

While it may overstate the case to call them "World War II's most unsung heroes," Maslowski's ( For the Common Defense , Free Pr., 1984) history does provide a much-needed record of the men who took on the onerous task of being "soldiers, skilled technicians, and artists" all at once. Moreover, most of their work was published without credit or byline. In each branch of the military, photographers were assigned everything from strategic and intelligence work to training films and "blood and guts" newsreels intended to raise the fighting spirit back home. Still photographers used the awkward Speed Graphics (unless they had a captured German Leica), while cinematographers, like the author's father, Karl, had to lug around incredibly heavy motion-picture cameras, often under fire and in miserable conditions. Loosely structured and too dependent on the informal reminiscences of the veterans, this is still a welcome addition to military history collections.

Military historian Maslowski (co-author of For the Common Defense ), whose father became an Air Force combat photographer in 1944, here presents in comprehensive detail the virtually unknown story of how U.S. armed forces produced photography (still and motion picture) in WW II for intelligence training, public information and historical use. Included are cameramen's moving, risky personal exploits, often ahead of main forces. The author describes the travel, morale and supply problems they encountered. Drawing on archival research and interviews conducted over 20 years, Maslowski gives new insight into the making of wartime documentaries such as San Pietro and The Fighting Lady , and into the circumstances behind such coups as the photographing of the U.S. Marine flag-raising on Iwo Jima. Combat photography, the author recalls, helped in mapping enemy positions and boosted both war-industry production and War Bond Drives. Maslowski succeeds in giving proper due to these camera warriors, who at the time received little of the recognition given to their civilian counterparts.

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Mathew Brady's Portrait of an Era (Hardcover)( RL)
by Roy Meredith

Cameras of the People's Republic of China by Douglas St. Denny. 

Out-of-print 142 page illustrated first edition hardcover with dustjacket in new condition.

Comprehensive Guide for Camera Collectors

David Williamson (Hardcover - April 2004)


Exakta Cameras 1933 - 1978 Clement Aguila, Michel Rouah ( RL)



Exakta Guide, Second Edition, by Charles Abel & Kenneth S. Tydings

By Charles Abel & Kenneth S. Tydings. (1956). Greenburg. Second Edition. Soft-cover, 5 x 7 3/4", 128 pages, B&W photos and illustrations. Uncommon. Book is in good condition. Cover has minor rubbing, crease on upper corner, slight tear on bottom of spine