Century Grand Cameras, c.1901

Model: Model 46
Manufacturer: Century Camera Co.
Manufacture date: 1900's
Lens: 4x5 Centar Series II
Shutter: B - 1-100
Media: 4x5 film packs
Negative size: 4x5 inch
Original Retail price: n/a
Condition (0-10) 8
Rotating back with ground glass, double-extension bellows, front rise & fall, left-right shift and tilt.

Century Model 46 extended


If I were to choose one camera as a classic representation of the self-casing style, it would be the Century Grand. No other camera was built with the fit, finish, and overall care as these cameras. Made of carefully selected mahogany woods, impeccable finish, red triple extension bellows, and polished brass fittings, the Century Grand was stately and elegant when compared to its peers. Even the smallest details weren't overlooked, such as the ivory aperture scale and maker's label on the brass lens.